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Elemental queens exude an AIR of inspiration and intelligence and have the FIRE and drive to achieve and succeed in all that they set their minds to.  They flow like WATER and can balance all facets of life--remaining grounded in the EARTH of their values and beliefs.


The Elemental international pageant was established to allow women to exhibit their poise, confidence, and personality within the sport of pageantry at the national and international levels while incorporating opportunities for continued, self-development, self-care, and truly promoting women's empowerment.


During the international competition, delegates represent their country of residence, heritage, or affiliation while being scored in interview, community service efforts, photogenic, activewear, and evening gown.  International competition week also consists of activities that afford delegates the opportunity to meet with, socialize, and further strengthen the bond between sister queens.

Elemental titleholders hold their title for one year.  During that year, she will develop her public speaking skills, strengthen her social media presence, build her confidence, continue her philanthropic efforts, and more!

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